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Deceptive Business Practices - Cable TV and Internet

- Memphis, TN

I signed up for Digital Preferred Cable and Internet via the Internet at a price of $63.60 and Internet for $19.95 (promo price for 6 months - then it changes to $42.95). When I called to schedule the appt the person I spoke with told me that he could give me a different promo price that would be better ($33 for the Cable and $33 for the Internet). I hesitated and he said that it was a much better deal so I told him ok. I called today to add the DVR Service that and I was told that the DVR service is not available for the plan that I signed up with...she said it was only available for the "Digital Preferred" and I had the "Digital Starter" plan. I explained that I ordered the Digital Preferred plan...then I went through explaining that when I called to schedule the installation that the person talked me into this "better deal". I then told them that I would really like what I originally signed up for...she advised that she could do that but she would not be able to give me the Internet for 19.95 for 6 months because that was only available for NEW customers (even though I have only had the service since Saturday) and the agent misrepresented himself. All I want is what I originally signed up for...needless to say after talking to about 3 people and chatting with an Internet Customer Service person I am now on the $63.90 Digital Preferred Cable and $42.95 (+3.00 Modem Rental) Internet Plan. I was told by one agent today that he would correct all of this however it has not been corrected. I am so frustrated and it just doesn't seem fair.

I really would like the service plan that I was promised...either the $33 Cable (with Digital Preferred Plan) and the $33 Internet or the Digital Preferred Plan at $63.60 and the Internet at the promo price of $19.95 for 6 months (then it will change to $42.95). I do not think this is much to ask... A company should not be able to misrepresent a package and get away with it...either way I welcome a response.

I have also opened a case with the Memphis BBB but I do not expect much to come from this.

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