Colonial Bank Complaint

Come back Monday - Customer Service

- Broward County

On this typical Saturday I wanted to help a family member with a situation of unexpected cash needed. I wrote a $50.00 check on my checking account at Colonial Bank. Sadly after driving over to the Bank and finding the drive-thru open my check was presented and denied cashing until Monday when the inside of the Bank will be open.

Yes, its amazing that my bank would turn away someone with a check on my own account and tell someone to come back Monday. Imagine all the banks account holders that are giving indviduals a check on their account that becomes an extreme embaracement with this bank that only puts a teller at the drive-thru and not provide full service both outside and inside like ALL THE OTHER LOCAL BANKS. I have advised everyone I know and others of this dis-service by Colonial Bank for their good customers. Colonial Bank is saving something? But not opening inside on Staurday! The banking competition has nothing to worry about the very poorest policies of Colonial Bank.

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