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Local Gas station Won't Accept Coin Change No Policy Written

- 4057 N Greenbay Rd milwaukee, wi

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I went into the gas station to buy a soda and some gas. After I bought my soda I had five dollars and one nickel and three pennies. I ask the man to give me 5.08 in gas. He told me he doest take pennies. I only had three and I want to get a even number of gallons in gas. There was no signed posted about this policy. He said it is his policy he doesn't take any pennies, or a penny at all on gas. He said if you people come in her and give me one penny you will come back and started to give me thousands of pennies. I felt as a college student who is going for b.a in human resource this isn't fair. u can pay for gas any cannot give anything but green cash dollars no coin change. he might as well say only dollars for gas thats all.I need help i can explained this better over the phone

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Reader Comments:

Posted by junk_6666 on 07/05/2007
Unfortunately, a retailer may take and/or decline any form of payment. He could even demand payment in sheep, and you would have to comply to get service.

Posted by jharrison12101 on 07/30/2007 saids that if it is U.S. money, he must accept it, be it one penny or paper money. that is the law.

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