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Circuit City Warranty Fraud/Scam

I purchased a PDA from circuit city and was sold a 'Comprehensive Full Coverage Warranty' to go with it. The salesperson told me that it was a higher level coverage plan then their normal warranty plan and would cover my PDA if ANYTHING happened to it, including fire, vandalism, theft, etc.

My PDA stopped working in August of 2005. I called to get it repaired/replaced and was told I would be receiving a replacement PDA. Instead I got a box to send my PDA away to their repair center(CyberTest). It came back with damage to the external case, and still not working-even though the repair center's web site said they repaired it. They claim there was liquid damage to it-but it was never exposed to any liquids while in my care. They refuse to answer why they damaged the outside case, or why they claim on their web site to have repaired my PDA. The circuit city customer support people have told me I would be receiving a replacement PDA, and that I would be getting a gift card so I can replace my PDA-I have yet to receive either. The circuit city customer support staff also claim my warranty is void because my PDA was sent off to their repair center, and also refuse to answer why my PDA sustained damage while outside of my care. what is the point of paying for a replacement warranty plan if they refuse to honor it and they damage your unit instead of repairing it? I have tried to talk to circuit city's customer support ddepartmenton the phone but they refuse to let me talk to a supervisor (they claim that the supervisors 'do not take calls') and they continually hang up on me. My PDA was damaged/ruined by circuit city and they refuse to make good on their '100% Satisfaction Guarantee'

As of 2/8/06 I am still waiting for my promised replacement PDA and promised refund.

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