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False advertisement at circuit city - Lowrance iWay 250C GPS Navigation

- online and phone

On November 19th Circuit city had advertised the Lowrance iWay 250C GPS Navigation for $99.99 was an online item only..I tried since 5:00 am to order this...
Here is the letter that I sent to their customer support on the 19th.


DATE_SENT: 11/19/2007

TIME_SENT: 09:36:54 AM

SENDER_NAME: Sherry Aboueid






MESSAGE: I am writing about your ad for the Lowarance way 250 c gps that you have advertised for today only for 99.99. I have been calling since 5 am and they said that they were updating the computers. again at 6am told it would be a half hour. Again at 6:30am again at7 am and at 8 am then at 9:15 am it showed the price but saying out of stock..What is going on with this? I called the customer service and talked to a Travis #597118 who assured me he would call when updated.. No call. I called again and alls they could say they would let me know by email when in stock...I feel that this is false advertisement as you don't even have them and wasting our time. This is a item that I really want and want to know how I can get it for the $99.99 price. Thank you and please help me...

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on the 24th of November I received this letter:
-------Original Message-------

From: Circuit City Customer Care
Date: 11/24/2007 4:25:38 PM
Subject: Re: Other from [#182528]

Dear Sherry Aboueid :

Thank you for contacting I apologize for your difficulty and want you to know that I've forwarded the specifics to our development team.

Technical glitches and erroneous information may be temporarily posted on our website in error, so you may want to attempt the link at a later time. If you were able to purchase this item at the incorrect price, we will be able to adjust it to reflect the advertised price. Also, if we can be of help by phone, feel free to call us toll-free at (800) 843-2489.

Thanks for shopping with!


D. Jackson
Customer Support Coordinator
Contact ID #182528
--Original Message--
Date: 11/21/2007 3:08:40 PM
Subject: Other from

I wasn't satisfied still...I called and they said that someone would get back to me in 3-5 days Which I never received a call..So I sent another letter on December 2nd.
From: Sherry
Date: 12/2/2007 7:57:46 AM
Subject: Re: Other from [#182528]

Sorry it took my so long to get back to you . My son was in a serious car accident.

I did Not purchase this item on that day because it didn't show the sale price. That is where my complaint comes in. I tried and tried to get it as I mentioned in my first letter. No one was of any help. Just saying they were updating the computers. Would let me know when available ect. This went on for sooo long and when it was finally updated there wasn't any to be had. I still would like to purchase these at the 99.99 price. I need two of them. I am on a real tight budget and can't order anything without them being on sale as these where. That is why I got up so early in the morning and was persistant about being on the computer to check the updates and calling. Please let me know if you can do anything about this.

Thank You.

Sherry Abou-Eid 1-845-832-7069 1-845-206-1535
Thanks again for your time in this matter

I waited again and still no phone call or letter back..

I called today December 7th and was given the run around and was told if I purchased it that day at the 229.99 regular price they would have given me the difference back. Why would anyone in their right mind pay full price when it was suppose to be on sale for 99.99 dollars...I don't have that kinda money to shell out and not be guaranteed the difference back..I asked to speak to s supervisor and she was just as bad as the rest and said nothing could be done. I asked how they can advertise something and not have it in stock...Of course I got no response.
Please can you help me...I am so tired of stores getting away with this stuff and wasting our time..
Thank you Sherry

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