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14 year old gets $1000 bill on wireless phone

I sent my 14 year old granddaughter a phone so we could send pictures to each other and stay in touch.She ended up with a $1000 phone bill in one month and doesnt even know how it happened. She is devastated that her single working Mom has to pay this bill and is now looking for a job. She would never have intentionally caused her Mom such a hardship. She doesn't really know how this happened, something about internet pictures, she thinks. Cingular has offered no help to her Mom with credits or anything for this devastating bill.How often is this happening to people and how can it be avoided?Where are the safeguards to prevent these huge bills and what are the wireless companies doing to help their customers?Or are they just taking advantage of their customers and their ignorance of how these huge bills occur?

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Reader Comments:

Posted by miked22 on 06/29/2007
Dude... first off you need to teach your kid to take some responsibility. Secondly, you need to NOT buy them a phone that has no limits on minutes/usage. Go with a pre-paid phone.

Posted by Raiethstar on 06/29/2007
Sounds like someone wasn't listing to the sales person when they sold you the phone.

Next time find out how much they charge per picture and per minute.

Also just look at the bill. The 1000 will be very clearly shown. Talking on a phone for 10 hours a day and sending pictures and surfing the internet can very easily rack up 1000 in a month.

Why is it that people who have no idea how something works blame other people when it all goes wrong?

Posted by windstorm_100 on 06/29/2007
Seriously, you need to read the terms and conditions, and understand what everything will cost before you sign up for something. This is not the company's fault. For a grandmother you don't seem to be very grown up!

Posted by bobdafrog12 on 06/30/2007
"doesnt even know how it happened" is a cop out reply to 'I send my best friend 90 text messages a day! but I won't tell you so I won't be held accountable.' Teach the kid responsibility before asking for pity.

Posted by jamesp77701 on 07/27/2007
No they are not going to credit her. Like what was already said, just get her a pre-paid phone.

Posted by mysticmyst_99 on 07/31/2007
Ignorance is not an excuse, Bills are detailed on where each charge comes from. Contract/Plan Detail are provided at the time of purchase, I know this have been said before but I am shocked at the number of people who want to blame others their mistakes. I know a $1000 bill is a hardship, but did anyone stop to explain to the child what she was getting? Also, Grandma bought the phone knowing the mother was a single working mom, I think grandma needs to step and take some responisblity for the bill.

Posted by iamaudra on 08/03/2007
"Where are the safeguards to prevent these huge bills and what are the wireless companies doing to help their customers?"

How about not getting them a phone in the first place!!!! TI is called responsability. If you download a bunch of stiff and text (my DD had 5,400 text mesages in 1 month.WE have unlimited texting on her phone) It is VERY easy to run a bill up of that size. You seem to think your grandaughter never lies but I am sorry to say that she told you one big whopper of a lie!!! My DD has a phone and we monitor her use. Her bill would never go that high because we watch her use.

Posted by k386trl on 10/24/2007
You gave a 14 year old a cell phone, she used minutes/texts which you agreed to pay for in your contract. Now you want to hold the company liable for providing the exact service you signed up for? They provided the service, they don't owe you anything more. Let me clue you in on how this bill happened... you gave a 14 YEAR OLD a CELL PHONE!

Posted by h3lo7bwfc42fhal on 04/23/2010
Right. Your 'sweet, innocent 14 yeard- old NEVER woud sit on a cell-phone yakking, sending texts,' and getiting a $1000 bill.

Are you INSANE?

You were an idiot in the first place to get her such a thing (and if you did, then why'd you foist the bill on the kids mom?)

Haven't you ever heard of 'family plans?'

A little responsibility on MOST of those 'duped' beforehand would've prevented these scams from happening.

Your 'sweet, innocent' little grand kid wants a cell phone? Let them get a job. You thought this'd be a 'great way to exchange..PHOTOS?!?!'

You are nuts!

Posted by h3lo7bwfc42fhal on 04/23/2010
I'm SO sick of people who DON'T take RESPONSIBILITY for THEIR stupidity, and try to act..'helpless' against these 'big, bad' companies.

It's YOUR fault! It's YOUR job to MONITOR. You really look like an idiot lady, from all these people who - within a DAY of you posting your being 'scammed' (but not by your sweet, -[I'm laughing to hard] little grand kid).

Should tell you something.

Grow UP!

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