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This story is VERY LONG and so I am only highlighting it here but including a link to the full story which is ongoing still and I maintain daily.

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Essentially, Cingular Wireless has made an admitted billing error in the amount of $1,109.00 in bogus data usage charges to my account. When I called in they admitted the error and promised to credit me. They did not credit me, in fact they did nothing and left my account in a status indicating I am delinquent. Each time I call in they say it is a mistake and they will fix it and then do nothing. I was at a Cingular Store in Sacramento, CA as you can read in the full story, where they actually waived my need to pay an $800 deposit per device and told me once again that the charges were being credited because it was a Cingular Billing error and they were so sorry for the inconvenience. They sold me a new cell phone and added it along with a new wireless laptop connect plan to my existing 'Delinquent' account and 2 days later I was told my service will be terminated on Monday, April 10, 2006 for non payment.

I have never made a late payment. The Cingular rep told me that over the phone when I was in the Cingular Store in Sacramento. She claimed that was the reason she was waiving my requirement to make a deposit.

Quick Details:

March 25, 2006
I placed my original call to Cingular in regard to the incorrect charges on my account on Saturday, March 25, 2006. Dolores Pitts was the customer service agent who originally advised me that Cingular had made a billing error and that she would open a case file on Monday, March 27, 2006.

April 3, 2006
I was at the Cingular Store in Sacramento, CA [Store Information Included Below], I purchased a cell phone, which had a $100 mail in rebate but I was offered a $100 'in store rebate' instead if I purchased it. I also purchased a new SIM chip for my old Sony Erricson wireless card and added them both to my existing plan which I then upgraded from National to Family Talk. I now had 5 devices on my account. The customer service agent who assisted me was named My and he is the one who advised me that my account was seriously delinquent and that I would need to also make an $800 deposit per device before he could help me. After My called Cingular and spent close to an hour on the phone, he handed me the phone and was informed by a woman that I was definitely getting a credit to my account in the amount of $1,609.00 and that it would be split up into two payments one of which I would receive by check and the other half would be credited to my account. She said this was currently 'being processed' but would take around two weeks. Also she informed me that I had established enough credit with Cingular due to my history of on time payments to do away with the need for requiring a deposit. She apologized for all of the inconvenience and I thanked her.

Cingular Wireless
547 L ST
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916)440-0445
Fax: (916)440-0445
Hours: MON-SAT 10:00-9:00 SUN 11:00-6:00

Store Email Address:

**UPDATE** Saturday, April 8, 2006 10:00PM PDT
As of the time I posted this I have reciecved an automated call from Cingular Wireless [800-947-5096] which advised me to call them immediately regarding my delinquent account. I returned the call and only got a recorded message advising me that they were closed and would re-open on Monday, April 10, 2006. The message then directed me to visit the 24 hour automated payment center to make a payment. Finally I was told that if this was an emergency to contact 'after hours' support at [866-801-3600] which I dialed and was able to reach a woman who told me she could not help as I had reached technical support and would have to call back on Monday. I explained briefly my situation knowing that my words fell upon deaf ears. When she again stated that I was going to have to discuss my 'unfortunate' situation with customer service on Monday I lost it and was rather rude as I told her that I have talked with customer service already and it has got me nowhere. Further I was going to file a legal suit against Cingular Wireless if they did not resolve this issue. She noted it on the account and with a bit of effort actually asked me if she had done everything this evening to make my experience with Cingular Wireless a pleasant one... I asked when the account was scheduled to be turned off and she told me April 10, 2006. Well folks that's Monday! How much do you want to bet that they shut it off before I can get them on the phone Monday morning?

**UPDATE** Sunday, April 9, 2006 11:45AM PDT
I called and spoke with a girl at the Cingular Store in Arden Mall, Sacramento, CA [916-440-0445] who told me that there are no records on my account prior to April 5, 2006 which is interesting because that's just two days after Cingular waived my deposits and allowed me to add devices to my 'delinquent' account. She said I should call the Downtown Plaza Store and ask for a manager. I called and was told there was no manager working today but the guy I spoke with after listening to my problem told me I should contact Accounts Receivable on Monday and they would be able to do more for me. We will see...

This is not a joke and I stand by everything I have stated above. I can be contacted by email.

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