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Chase Visa Endorses False International Charges - Hotel Bill

- Travel out of the Country

December 2010 we vacationed at a hotel in Vietnam. The front desk ran my Chase visa card for our stay. The front desk clerk informed us that the card didn't work and that they would try it again. When it failed a second time, I paid for our stay with cash and was given a receipt showing the bill was paid in full.

To my dismay when we returned to the states, the Chase Visa statement showed not one charge from this hotel but two! I called my credit card immediately and they removed one of the charges promptly, but they said they would not remove the second duplicate charge as it did not seem likely that both charges were incorrect. I did my best not to be personally offended by this accusation and asked what steps I needed to take to resolve this issue.

I explained that I had the receipt from the hotel proving that I had paid in cash for our stay. I was directed to write a letter to the fraud department at Chase and to enclose my hotel receipt. I was told that the fraud department would have to review this issue and make a determination.

Unbelievably the Chase fraud department responded by saying this second charge would not be removed from my account. I called them hoping to appeal to a supervisor but I continued to get the same answer. After several months of trying to work with Chase without any success, in desperation I contacted Chase Bank where I had a savings account. The banker was very apologetic and said he would help settle this issue in my behalf. He called me back to say that Chase, as a courtesy, had agreed to discount the charge by 50%. He said he was very surprised by their response. I told him I did not want the charge reduced as it would indicate that there was no fraud involved. But regardless of my request and my calls to Chase, they reduced the charge. This occurred three months ago.

Since then I have written letters to several news worthy magazines hoping to point out this injustice, but never received no response. I even contacted an attorney who told me the only thing I could do at this point is to sue Chase. I have hit a brick wall and I believe the general public should be warned of the dangers of using their Visas or Mastercard’s in a foreign country. Chase will not protect their consumer's rights. I am hoping that you can help me to make this issue public.


M. Moore
Santa Monica, CA

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