Chase Bank Complaint


- Saginaw, Michigan
Have a circuit city card that changed to best buy. since 2007 never late. I had been paying around $50.00 a month or more.

all of the sudden chase tells me they had a computer error and my payment went to $219.00 I told them how can I pay that I'm on low income disability they don't care. tried for three months to work it out. don't qualify for there BLP program or any other for that matter. I have been harassed and yelled at. finally I found the ceasing communication (15 USC 1692c) section 805(C) I'm so glad when you tell them that its over no 9 calls a day I tried to get them to take 100.00 month refused. I'm being forced to close my account there after eight years. Thanks chase for screwing up my life.

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