CCS Merchantcard Complaint

Urgent - $6500. Approved Your Card Has Arrived! - CCS Catalog Shopping

- PO BOX 17800 LAS VEGAS NV 89114-7800

I received an envelope in the mail today. It had a credit card inside ready for activation.

1st of all, anyone could have taken this mail and activated this card in my name.

2nd, I checked this on the internet and everything showing was CCS is a scam.

This is dangerous for anyone like myself, single trying to keep good credit. I would like to report this fraud company for anyone who might be receiving this mail. It can be very very dangerous to your credit.

How dare they take advantage of people just to make a buck! Please let everyone know This Is A Real Scam!!!!

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Reader Comments:

Posted by colsen47 on 01/07/2008
I was also had by thi company. Im gald i went online to research this company before they got to access my account. When i called to cancel my card, i spoke with 5 different people who all went through the whole mess of fee waivers and were basiclly refusing to deactivate. After about 2 hours of arguing with these people i finnally got it canceled.... I HOPE!

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