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- San Diego

I called to file a CA EDD claim in March 2009 over the phone and after at least 100 calls, I finally got through. The EDD woman I finally spoke with told me she was overwhelmed by calls and was very short and unfriendly. After asking me just a couple of questions, she told me I was not eligible for unemployment and she would not be able to file a claim for me. When I asked for her name and employee ID, she immediately hung up on me. Unbelievable! I did further research and found out that I was definitely eligible for unemployment in March 2009 because I had consistently worked for one company throughout most of 2007 and 2008 and had 1099 to prove it. I also had more than the minimum income necessary in the previous 18 months to get approved for my claim in March 2009. The EDD representative had given me incorrect information, hung up on me and my claim was never processed by her.

It is heartbreaking to know that I could have had the unemployment I was entitled to in 2009 but was denied because of an EDD employee was having a bad day and made a major error in not submitted my claim as requested. I tried and tried to call EDD every day for months to try to remedy the situation. I was unable to reach a EDD representative due to a high volume of calls everyday. Even when I would get past the "we are receiving more calls than we can handle" message, I would go through a series of menus only to be met with the same exact message and get hung up on. This is outrageous and we should not have to put money into a program that does not work when we need it most.

I have worked nonstop since I was 15 years old, I am now 50 years old. After over 30 years of paying into this system, you would think that EDD would provide me the unemployment funds I am entitled to until I am able to find work again. I have been out of work for almost a year now and still fighting to a claim approved since 3/09. Can you believe I was told they are still "working on it".

I recently sent letters to the governor’s office and my local district councilmember for help. I am still waiting for someone to get back to me..

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Reader Comments:

Posted by ptjoshua on 04/13/2010
Join the club friend. First time in my life filing for unemployment last year as well, and it has been nothing short of a nightmare. Impossible to get through via phone, been hung up on twice by rude and /or lazy employees, had my claim forms returned/delayed for ridiculous made up reasons. It's nothing short of a crime.

But, I wouldn't go as far as to say it's a conspiracy as many suggest. It is merely a bloated ineffective government. I actually did receive checks due to me over a year late, so to date I'm squared up. I know this may be rare, but it did take me over a year of pushing and calling on the phone with them, a minimum of 10 hours a week every week for a year.

My advice to you is to not give up, even if you are now employed. I believe you are still entitled to those benefits if you ever were. So keep calling. I'm going to post the number here along with the key prompts for the other frustrated souls. Follow these instructions and you will ........eventually......get through to a person. Follow the below instructions exactly.

Call the EDD @ 1-800-300-5616

If the message says "Thank you for Calling the ...." hang up and dial again.

If the message says "Welcome to the ...." hit 1,3,0

If the next message says "Due to the high number of callers..." hang up and call again.

But you might...just might get "Your estimated wait time is....4 min"(its always been 4 minutes, even if I've waited 30 seconds or 15 min from this point)

If you did get a "estimated wait time", congratulations...but you might still be disconnected or hung up on by a rude employee, as I was many times.

Another notable item, if you get a person who advises you that they do not have access to your account, they are just going to take down your information and you may or may not ever hear anything from that. I recommend continuing the above instructions until you get an ACTUAL AGENT on the line. I found that the agents themselves are very helpful, although overwhelmed. Don't take it out on them, they are just workers in this broken system too.

If you really want to evoke change in the CA EDD you'll have to go about it politically, write your congressmen, and other elected officials, which probably wont do anything either. So once you get over your self-righteousness, go back to the above instructions, make the calls, eventually get your checks, and find a job if you are able.

I think the system is deliberately made to be God-awful to keep people from using it. Working as intended if you ask me.

In short, follow the steps, call hundreds(YES HUNDREDS) of times a day, eventually get a person that is helpful. AND KEEP YOUR COOL. GOOD LUCK!!!!

Posted by mario.perez on 04/28/2010
I have had problems with EDD but now it has gotten worse. What can I do to get the EDD to get thier head out of thier ass. In the past I have sucked it up and followed what they say But, NO MORE I have thousands of dollars because the system is broken. Fuck them!!!! I NEED HELP to deal with the out dated system and the Incompetent people who say they are here to help.

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