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Brighthouse Internet slowdown deliberate; like Comcast? - RoadRunner Internet

- Clearwater (and Tampa Bay Area)

Friends and I have all noticed a slowdown in our originally normal/fast internet speed after Brighthouse began soliciting for more money to give higher internet speed and faster download rates. Last year, our internet performed normally. Now it often "hangs" — sometimes requiring a computer reboot when downloading large files, like streaming Hulu transmitted programs. As a personal example, I have a 3G iPhone and use WiFi in my home, linked to the internet with Brighthouse. With the iPhone set for the 3G network (WiFi OFF), it is now FASTER than using my WiFi link! Last year I could watch YouTube on my iPhone with the WiFi link in my home. Now, it is not possible unless I use the slower 3G link with WiFi off. This should not be!

NPR broadcast a story a couple of days ago about Comcast deliberately slowing down the internet to induce people to buy higher speed service. Computer engineers discovered the "scam" and filed a complaint with the FCC, but according to the story, there are no laws that cover this type of "modern" service — yet.

We are now paying increased prices (from last year) for LESS service from Brighthouse! An expose might get them to stop this dishonest practice. My own complaint about this was handled with the result that they blamed my equipment — which is no different that it was before their faster service was offered. Also, their 1st stage upgrade, for $15 more a month, only requires that a setting be changed in their office, according to one of their salesmen who first contacted me several months ago about offering the upgrades. Imagine how much money they will get if they induce only 20% of the households in the Tampa Bay Area to increase their monthly payments by $15 (or $30 for the full high speed service)!

I hope you ask other people who use Brighthouse internet if they also have experienced "dwells" and slow-downs in their service. If so, please investigate! Thank you.


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