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The Briarcliff Property Owners Association (BPOA) has sent a letter to several of its own residents which threatens to sue them for the cost of legal proceedings necessary to prosecute a legal proceeding to seek a declaratory judgment necessary to a newly enacted property owners association ban on "short term rentals". The basis for the proposed ban is that properties are zoned "single family residential". They propose to enforce retroactive ban on properties that have been rentals for more than 5 or 10 years. I am deeply disappointed that a state with such a strong reputation for property rights chooses to be be aggressive in denying existing property owners the right to enjoy the economic benefit available from their own property through the enforcement of retroactive legal declarations with the threat (and BPOA prior approval) of legal action.

The legal firm issuing the notice was the Weichert Law Firm. Notice dated May 3, 2011. BPOA president is Paul Egan. Briorcliff Administrative I fear that this will have significant adverse impact on the value of my property.

I have not included my email address below since I feel it will subject me to a higher probability of legal retribution by the Briarcliff Property Owners Association (BPOA). The Village of Briarcliff office is located at 302 Sleat Drive, Briarcliff Texas 78669. Phone number is 512-263-2264 and current mayor is Al Hostettler.

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