Bluegreen Corp With Bass Pro Shops Complaint

Rip Off Across The United States..Time Share Vacations You Pay For - Time Share Vacation Packages

- Branson MO, Dallas Tex, Las Vegas Nv...Lousiania for sure !

February 14, 2008


I WANT to remain ANONYMOUS...because of FEAR of retaliation. However, to verify what I am telling you, please GO TO GOOGLE SEARCH, BLUEGREEN CORP. FRAUD - SCAMS.

The new store just opened in Louisiana. They sold over 70 PHONY PACKAGES to the uninformed public there, that are still financially suffering. Those people are expecting to stay in a Luxury Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, but what a Reality Shock they will find !

Being a former employee and an observer since 2006, it is time to STOP BLUEGREEN from growing any larger across the nation ripping off the consumer and making "slave" workers of their employees.

I am a former employee of Bass Pro working with Bluegreen corp. They teach the employees to LIE to make a sell. I worked there for some time before I found this out. They actually teach employees, who NEED a job position to LIE, so they can make their $9.00 an hour on a promise that they will make at least 7 -10 sales a day and a $1000.00 check a week. THIS IS A LIE !

The employees are told to stand in front of the booth, and grab the people as they go by or place a pad and pencil in the customer's hand to SIGN UP TO WIN THE DRAWING.. Many get very irritated. The employees must STAND for hours, even when there are not people in the store. The catch is this: the drawing is used to get personal information, phone, address, income and IF THEY DON'T SIGN TO ALLOW THE TELEMARKETERS TO USE THEIR NUMBERS ETC. they are NOT ELIGIBLE TO WIN IN THE DRAWING! WHAT A SCAM !

The customers get RIPPED OFF because they are promised
a vacation package of 3 days and 2 nights for $49.00 and that they will STAY IN A MAJOR HOTEL, any of them except THE WYNN, THE BELAGIO, VENITIAN, OR MANDALAY BAY; the customer BELIEVES and ends up with a SCAM...the raunchest old room in the Circus Circus,Riviera, Sahara or the Imperial Palace. And they promise, in writing in their pamphlet that there is NO STRESS, HARRASMENT OR PRESSURE. The sales rep promises you that it will be ONLY 90 minutes to watch a virtural tour and you will be fed. This is ALL A LIE, as the customers come back with complaints from Branson Mo. to Canada and Hawaii plus other states.

The employees are not allowed to go and see the tour so that they know don't what to do except what the manager tells them to do. The manager, who is in charge of this is Jeff Morton in Florida and he brings in His Friends, who are like him in ethics, and hires them to hire innocent, hard working needy people to work for them. The employee is made to STAND for hours, without sitting down, which is against the state and federal health laws. They are told how to sell and what to say to the customer.

This is a SCAM OF THE WORST KIND. Hardworking people, who save to take vacations end up spending both their time and their money for the promoting of the unethical tactics and making the corporate officers RICH! UNFAIR, UNETHICAL, UNJUST !


Former Employee 2006

I found the letter below on the internet. Please read more about Bluegreen Corp.

RE: Frank P Reilly
FLorham Park, NJ AND OTHERS who have been


It is the same, whether it is Dallas, Branson or Las Vegas. Enter the Bass Pro Store. Look around and see a booth where "OPC'S" stop your flow of thought, pull you by the arm, con you, squeeze you, scream at you, intimidate you and pressure you to sign up for a SHOPPING SPREE, then take all your private information and tell you YOU MUST SIGN to Enter the Drawing.

First of all this is against the Law. The Federal Trade Commission MUST BE INFORMED as to these tactics.
Second, it is SEXUAL harassment when a woman pulls or touches a man to con or intimidate him to SIGN UP TO ENTER. Third, the reason for this is to SELL A PHONY MIS-REPRESENTED $49.00 "GET AWAY" PACKAGE for 3 days and 2 nights and 'YOU WILL STAY IN ONE OF THE MAJOR HOTELS ON THE STRIP" LIKE THE MGM, CAESARS, LUXOR, EXCALIBUR, PARIS, "ANYONE BUT THE BELAGIO, WYNN, MANDALAY OR VENITIAN, WHO ARE NOT OUR PARTNERS".

Well, I was given Circus Circus. I complained and was given the Imperial Palace. I complained again and was told my only other choices were the Reviera or the Sahara. The others were "NOT AVAILABLE".

Upon further checking, I found that Blue Green Bass Pro's ONLY partners are the four standard 2-3 star old hotel casinos. And they KEPT MY MONEY, WOULD NOT RETURN IT.

There are others that I have learned were promised only 90 Minutes and it is "written NO HASSLE, NO PRESSURE, NO STRESS" Tour. However, when it comes time to be given the FREE (you pay $49.00) for two FREE GIFT CERTIFICATES to shop AFTER spending HOURS being PITCHED to sell their TIME SHARES, they don't want to give it to you because you want to leave without stress and in 90 minutes, ONE HOUR AND A HALF OF CONSTANT PRESSURE.

Please Print this on the Internet so those people who are wanting to visit Branson Mo, Las Vegas and other cities where Bass Pro and Blue Green are building their resorts will NOT BE MADE A FOOL and TAKEN FOR THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY!

Anonymous Traveler
Branson Mo.


It is those people, who don't have money, who are not informed that is hurting the most. They spend their $49.00 and maybe they say they earn more than they do because they are believing they are getting a SPECIAL TODAY BARGAIN.

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Reader Comments:

Posted by ErnieTatyana on 12/17/2008
I feel your lost I too been scammed at the bass store in rancho cucamonga, california the rep O dealed with was a dumb blonde girl , I say dumb because this bit*h conned me into signing saying I was signing for my credit card reciept when in fact I was signing for their rules and regulations, the marketing rep is #151724 beware of this snake she is so friendly and makes you believe you are getting a deal what she does not point out is that you can't get your money back, unless you cancel within three days, now here is where it gets stupid I called blue green and these a holes told me they would conatct me back via email and guess what it was on the fourth day they responded and I was told my email was not in their system and since the three days have gone by, guess what? I am not entitled to a refund. So I go to Las Vegas and guess what you can't check in until 4pm and you are not placed in any 5star resort or any known hotel instead you end up in crummy room that smells like smoke, and I explained to the check in rep I have a medical condition and guess what we can upgrade to a clean room for a fee of course at get this $175. a night what the F#*k? I could stay at any veags strip hotle for way less, so like an idiot I let them know I would not stay and come back tomorrow for the 90 minute tour, I was told that if I left I would be charged for the room anyways at $175.00 and it would be considred a cancellation with a $75.00 fee on top of it billed directly to my card. So I stay in this smelly room with no view what so ever. You get constant phone calls to upgrade or food menu, I resisted and even had to unplug the dam phone.The next day you are not in the presentation for 90 minutes I was going on two hours and started to get up and leave without buying anything and was told it be be considered a cancelationI had been there past the 90 minutes how do they consider it a cancel? Needless to say I refused to buy in and you should see these idiots really get bothered and upset one guy even snickered and said I was a cheap skate, I did not confront this idiot because I am not going to get arrested in Las Vegas and end up with OJ Simpson as my cell mate. The next dayI was supposed to check out at 10am and guess what I was awaken at 5:30am to exit by 6am and no reason provided I said I had until 10 am and was told if I stayed pass 6am I would be billed for an extra day at the rate of $175.00. I left and when I get home I check my credit card to see my activity and low and behold I have charges added showing food items I did not consume for the hotel and it says Tourico Hotel on it,urgggh, at least my credit card company has been helpful and we are disputing this sh*t. As for the stupid marketing rep(#151724) at Pro Bass in Rancho Cucamonga, California be sure I am going to study witch craft and put a spell on your tongue to fall off so you don't con no more consumers. Blue Green Resort Brass how can you look in the mirror every morning and continue to smile? I hope your kids enjoy their christmas gifts you bought with consumers hard earned money you recieved illegaly.

Posted by sandbar72 on 01/19/2009
I feel everyone should stop shopping at Bass Pro until they remove Bluegreen and stop the affiliation with them. By doing this and only this will they take us serious. Bluegreen has ripped off enough people and we should all take a stand this time.

Posted by brogers1971 on 03/12/2009
Sorry pal, but I bought one of those packages. I was living in Denver, CO at the time and paid 59.00 for a package in Las Vegas. I used it and had a great time...where's the scam? I mean, of COURSE they partner up with certain places. The higher priced hotels aren't going to offer that kind of deal. Are you really that dense? My wife and I stayed at the Riviera, and it was terrific. The only thing is you have to find your own way there, no big deal. I think that 90 minutes of "pressure" is worth it for a cheap vacation. It's only "pressure" if you want to buy, but can't. If you can't afford it, you can't afford it

Posted by pippin140 on 10/11/2009
So you think its OK for the $49 freebie leach to lie about their income.
Come on its the oldest sales ploy in the book and I am sure these leach freebie poeple know it all to well but what the heck they are getting a cheap holiday
You have the nerve to complain when you were not given the top class hotel ...god you only paid $49 for the whole trip it seems like your the scammer ripping off a public company
I take it you have been fired and thats the reason you are so bitter

at least brogers1971 is honest about why he took the trip

Remember nothing in life is free

Posted by meverett0309 on 11/08/2009
We went through this company to go to Wisconsin Dells, for $49 they gave us $50 in Bass Pro gift cards, a $500/night room for 3 nights and spending money. There is no scam, this company is what it is - an attempt to sell timeshares. If you don't agree with hard sell tactics, don't go.

Posted by johncowlingparkhillbaptist on 12/21/2009
i have done this a few times. signed the charter the first time so i did not get the "deal" if i would had bought in. They try to sell you a family vacation timeshare but do it very "unfamily" like. High pressuren and guilt trips!! i can't believe it. Is not worth the cheap vacation as others have posted. Do it right...don't make your spouse or family sit through a timeshare presentation just so you can get your cheap vacation and gift card. Anybody who buys in to these things is no handling their money wisely. At Big Cedar they do not call them timeshares but "Property Ownership"? Give me a break!! I did probably take advantage of them by using it for a cheap vacation but how many people do they take advantage of daily? Never will do it again and i really hope you don't either.

Posted by dkconsignments on 01/15/2010
Timeshares have always been rip-offs in one way or another,,,you buy one and then you have to go through the list and see at what times during the year you are allowed to use it...depending on the amount of people who bought in on the unit you could end up with only a couple weeks per year that you can actually use it.....
so for a few weeks per year you can be happy in your timeshare unit,,but for the other 11 months you are basically paying for something you can not use...... when you could actually take the money you would spend on timeshare payments and put it aside for 12 months and spend your vacation at a nice 5 star hotel and have money left over... buying timeshares is like anything else some are good some bad,,,hit or

Posted by reddragonccc16 on 01/15/2010
Poor former employee had to stand and earn his said
"""The employee is made to STAND for hours, without sitting down, which is against the state and federal health laws."""
Sorry but you are wrong...The federal health law states if the employee has a verified disability that the company must make reasonable accomodations for that employee...this is also required under the Americans with disabilities act

If you are an employee with no verified disabilities/handicaps your not entitled to sit down at any specified time if the company says you cant unless you are on break/lunch......

they are paying you by the hour to work not to sit down on your butt for two hours because its not busy...
In retail sales the only ones that get to sit down when its not busy is the managers and supervisors...the others must keep busy....

I would hate see you if you actually had to go to work in the industrial sector or on a production line you would last a day not being able to park your butt in a

Posted by allworkmannoplay on 02/15/2010
I worked for Bluegreen for 2 years and I went to las Vegas with one of their packages and it was one of the best times of my life the person who wrote this story is obviously a disgruntled employee you can make money with bluegreen if you are a good sales rep and obviously you are not there lies the problem

Posted by mshort2 on 08/02/2011
The whole Time Share industry is flat out a rip off. I just spoke to a resale agent who told me the truth. They victimize first time buyers. No one without the free package and the high pressure sales job will buy a time share. The time share has no resale value. Almost all money is funneled up the chain on big sales commisions and the Time Share company like Bluegreen. The government really does need to step in and clean up this horrible industry and either legitimize it or kill it off totally. Hundreds of thousands of people have been victimized by these scammers and liers over the years and it is just getting worse.

Posted by kelliemcclain on 07/22/2013
Well, I was approached by a salesperson for this at the mall yesterday. It appears I was not allowed to sign up because I am a single mom and not married... after reading this I guess that was God's way of looking out for me. But still... can you say descrimination!

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