Dry Tech Systems Complaint

Billed a year later for nothing - Cleaning Service Lead Finder

- California

I tried Dry Tech Systems about a year ago prior to checking them out. I put a good effort towards making it work. Placed ads, promoted this company and was avoided when requested a refund, so I chucked it up as a loss of $149.00. All you so called prosperous lead finders that want to call someone lazy need to check yourself. Not all of us are lazy. So keep your comments to yourself.
Now a year later I get a letter in the mail from Dry Tech Collection Management stating that I owe them $190.00. When I called them I get a recording so I leave a message letting them know I owe them nothing and will not be sending them anything. This young girl calls me back about five minutes later. I ask her what I was being billed for. She could not answer me. When I told her I was not going to be paying them for nothing, she states I owe them for their lead finding service. I said for what, I requested a refund and was ignored. Now you want to bill me for nothing. She stated that they were going to put it on my credit report. I told them to go ahead and then I will have my attorney take the matter up for me and hung up. Let’s see what happens. If they put it on my credit report, I am going to sue them, and I mean that……..

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