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Best Buy installer STEALS my $1500 auto stereo system - Auto stereo theft from Best Buy installer

- Ft. Lauderdale Florida

To Whom it May Concern:

I have been complaining to managers at Best Buy for almost a year. They have kept putting me off and telling me they would look it to it.
One of their past employees stole a $1500 stereo/CD player from my car when I was having equipment installed at the Ft. Lauderdale Fl Best Buy Store. This was reported to the manager Mark Mason when it happened who has been giving me the run around for almost a year.
The store is located at 2829 N. Federal Hwy. Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. 33306

I had purchased a Kenwood Navigation System, Viper alarm, back up camera totaling a couple of thousand dollars.

The day the Navigation system was installed by Casey, their installer at the time I had pulled my car out and didn't see the CD sytem by Toyota they had removed and looked in the trunk. The only thing in the trunk was the box from the new system that was installed which was empty.
I had pulled back around and Casey had left. I went in and spoke with a manager who informed to check back with the installers the next day.

I had checked back with Matt and was informed Casey was suspended. Matt is the other installer. He called Casey on the cell who said he put it in the locked it up. Matt didn't find it and Casey had the key. Later it was opened and my stereo was not in there. Casey had told Matt that he didn't know I wanted it back. Matt said not to worry Best Buy would take care of it.

I informed Mark Mason the store manager who said he would look into it. At the time he talked to Matt in front of me and was told Matt couldn't find it and Casey didn't know where it went thought it was locked up and then thought it was on the work bench.

Mark said he would have to review the store videos. I went to Toyota and brought Matt a receipt for the sytem that was in the care and gave it to Mark the manager. The receipt from Toyota was $1500. Mark said he would send it to corporate head quarters. I have called and can never get through.

I have went to the store several times each month and asked for the manager Mark. When I came in they asked me what it was about and every time I was informed Mark was not available or in a meeting.

Today I went in again, and again was told he was in a meeting with GM (General Motors) I went back to the back room myself today and found Mark putting a schedule on the board and a bunch of employees sitting around eating. There was obviously no meeting.
I knocked on the door and looked up and said to Mark Remember me?? Of course he did I had been coming in month after month. I said he need a refund or store credit for my $1500 stereo that your store employee stole. Another very rude manager came to the door and said you are not getting anything I saw Casey put it in your car someone else must have stole it out of your trunk. I told him he was lying as A) he was not there the day Casey stole it. I talked to another manager and B) if you reviewed the security tapes you would have seen Casey putting in an empty navigation system box that was closed and would have not held my whole LARGE system he took out of the dash.
and C) Matt the other installer had spoke to Casey and he admitted to him he didn't put it in the trunk and said he didn't know I wanted it back. I specifically told him I wanted it to swap out when I bought a new care and it was a $1500 stereo system.

Also my car trunk was checked right after they finished and I had a VIPER alarm with key chain alarm on my car. My car was not parked or left unattended by me when I left. Casey was fired after but I was not compensated for the alarm..

Helena Voss
Cell: 954 274-1734

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Reader Comments:

Posted by rgchrs9 on 12/14/2009
Sounds like you need to call your attorney and get them after Best Buy

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