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Horrible experience with a Best Buy Home Service!!!

I have had the most horrible experience with this company in home repair service!!! I will forgo all the unnecessary info for sake of time.

The bottom line is this: I have attempted to get a name of Rodney's (Ext-154992) District Manager for a minimum of 2 and 1/2 hours and according to him this info is not available. He would not and did not provide me with this name of phone number. I was not aware that a company as large as BEST BUY...has an in house repair service that employs their own tech's..can't require them to go to an assigned site... Translated, it means that I own a company and employ X amount of techs and I can not instruct, not one of the techs to go out to provide a service for a customer. What is wrong with this picture.

According to Rodney, one of many alleged managers, Ext: 15499...he is not able to make the request to have a tech return back to the home within the next 48 hours. What is more astonishing is that the name of Rodney's District Manager...well, that is top secret! 'I can speak with the Resolution specialist...and they will call you back within 24 hours possibly.' Well, more than 2 and 1/2 hours later...after being told that I would not and could not get any further assistance from them Best Buy Homes Service area...and was without notice placed back in the loop to speak with a customer service begin the entire saga from point A!!!!

This is called customer service. I did not mention that time is money for me. When I am sitting at I have for the past 3 weeks...waiting to get this situation resolved...I am losing money. I have to be working out in the field (with a government agency) to make money!!! This was the whole point of my needing to speak with the point of contact was to make this happen and to expedite the request of one of their..Best Buy's home service tech to return within the next two days and resolve this repair situation!!!!

Was told that this would not happen no matter who I spoke with...corporate level included. Interesting huh?

This is called Customer Service!!! Best Buy's level of Customer Service!!!

I failed to mention...I am a senior and during this entire experience...I am amazed that I have not had a heart attack!!!! I am still on the phone with customer began at 12:20PM EST and it is now 3:40PM and no resolution...Wow! Just like I was told by Rodney, ' It is not going to service until Monday March 20, 2006!

Well, last comment...I was speaking with the Best Buy's Corp...Customer service rep..then to her supervisor...telling Shirley the story and guess what...she blind transferred me back to point 'A'...back to where the whole saga began...with Best Buy's Home Service point of contact Janie...Who begins with the comment. ' I will see what I can do to assist you...I can not promise anything...' An unbelievable experience!!!!!

She (Janie) came back and back to give the same info ...hung up and I am back to calling the corporate headquarters ...again!

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