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Being Scammed by PCH - Magazine's

for about a week straight a unavailble number has been calling my cell phone so I finally had it I answered and I said hello it took them a minute to reply back they asked for my boyfriend I said why who is this they said may I speak to ***** **** I said who is this she said this is so and so from readers service and I said what is readers service and they hung up they have been calling even in the middle of the night and as early as 6am I never answered it because I thought it was someone who wanted to act dumb I called my grandma right away and as I was talking I was researching the business which there is no such thing and my boyfriend and I have also received a phone call saying that we have won a $100 gift card from the drawing of pch and that we also received $1,000 gift card for buying thing online they asked us if we have a creit card or a debit card and asked us if we went to school or had a job they also named the brand of the cards we may have such as mastercard or visa we said no. my belief is PCH is a scam

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