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Kmart assults customers

On July 27, 2006 I went to pick up my prescription at the Kmart in Crofton, MD. I had just gone to a doctors appointment, stopped at a Mercedes dealership to pick up brochures for my God Son who likes cars, and carried the papers in my shirt, because I was riding a motor cycle.

At KMART, I went directly to the pharmacy and then left immediately. As I left the store, at least 3 Kmart thugs, and that's what they are and how they looked and acted, i.e. like bouncers in a bar, assaulted me from behind. Then, a policeman showed up and grabbed my wrist from behind. One of the KMART thugs claimed I had stolen a DVD or something. One of the thugs then told the police officer that he me on video tape stealing whatever! What a KMART thug liar! They should be proud of this management! Oh yea, and one of them, of course dressed like a bum – no tie, fat, and disheveled – said he was the STORE MANAGER. Nice management!?

This happened at 7/27/06, a little after noon, so a crowd gathered on the street and sidewalk to watch me being humiliated by the KMART thugs!

Finally, they ripped out the brochures from me and saw that they were car brochures.

I have been going to that store since 1993. These stupid thugs - and I know that I'm being too kind here - never even apologized. As a matter of fact the manager then threatened to have ME arrested for disturbing the peace because I dared call them dummies!

So, if you'd like to get assaulted, shop at KMART, where long-time regular customers get treated like a criminal.

I wonder if they check all the women's purses, which would really be how to hide or conceal things!

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Reader Comments:

Posted by marcus on 05/12/2007
I use to work at K-mark as a stock boy. They had special codes they would announce over the PA system when they wanted all stock boys to the front of the story to pursue a shoplifter. On more than one occasion I would find myself chasing some guy twice my size in the parking lot (I was 16 years old at the time). I had my life threatened, I watch a man get beat and bloodied... all while making $4/hour. They final straw was when they sent me out to retrieve some METAL shopping carts from a field next door during a lightning storm. I told them they were crazy and I quit.

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