Bank of America Home Loans Complaint

Bank of America taking advantage! - Mortgage/foreclosure

- office in Simi Valley, CA

Bank of America is totally screwing me. I am losing my home to foreclosure. I had a total cash offer for my home and because Bank of America approved it 12 hours too late my buyer walked.
Bankof America has been leading me on for many months. They kept telling me I was pre-qualified, and even at some point qualified, then refused to help me. I'm tired of being led on. They would not work with me from day one. They have been hard to get ahold of and never answered calls or emails from my RE agent or me.
I have come to find out the reason that Bank of America is not or stalling short sales is because if they foreclose, because they are insured by the Federal Government they will get money. This is a sad state of affairs when the Federal Government is aiding in putting people out of they're homes.
I have never been in such a financial hole as I am now, and they are ruining my credit so I can't move on with my life. The stress is horrendous, my hair is literally falling out.

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