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Bank Ignores Big Mistakes

On June 13, 2006 I went into a Bank Of America branch in Hermiston Oregon to open a checking account. I filled out the paper work, submitted my Drivers Lic.,gave them my money, they took my picture, and I was out the door. The account I opened was electronic only, no checks. I don't believe in writing checks. I was told before I left that in 5-7 business days I would receive my Check cards in the mail, and I could start using my account that same day. One week later I checked my mail and received my cards. Upon opening the envelope, I saw someone else's picture on both cards with my name on the cards. I contacted the bank
on the spot. They informed me that they made a mistake and asked me to come into the bank and turn in the cards, then new cards would be mailed in 5-7 business days. I explained to the bank that I lived 116 miles round trip from the nearest branch and that it would cost me 40.00 in gas and take two hours of my time to do this. The bank then said to call a 1-800 number and they could just do it over the phone. I called the phone number and explained once again the entire situation. After 45 min. on the phone, they told me they would send out new cards with no picture. One week later I checked my mail only to discover the cards still
had this other persons picture. I just could not believe it! At this point it had been over two weeks since I was able to use this account, costing me many hours of time and gas money to find other means to pay my bills and locate remote ATM machines. I called the bank again on the spot to tell them they had made another mistake. The Bank told me it was not the banks fault, but the company who makes the check cards. I explained that this was starting to cost me money and a lot of time. I told them I needed to have access to my money and I could not drive two hours to a bank every time I needed funds. They had a very poor attitude, would not admit
any fault, and said all we can do is send you out another set of cards. I explained that for over two weeks I have had to take drastic measures to survive. They showed no sympathy, and stated in 5-7 days I would get new cards with no picture. I saw no other option but to accept what they offered, and said fine. One week later I checked my mail and can you guess what was there? You got it! Two more cards with the same guys picture. I almost fainted, started feeling sick and unstable. Here it is over three weeks after I opened this account and I still can not access my money. By this time I had spent over 200.00 in gas going to different places to get money, around 75.00 in ATM fees on another card I have with another bank, and 25 plus hours of of work lost running around in circles. Since I make 55.00 an hour, this really started to add up. I found myself
making constant trips to absurd locations to cash small checks and use ATM machines, since no merchant would
dare consider letting me use a card that had someone else's picture. I, as you can imagine, was very upset!

I thought and thought about what to do. After doing extensive research, I decided to call the corporate office for Bank Of America in North Carolina. After waiting on hold for about 30 min., I was transferred around and around, and then found myself talking to the same people here in Oregon. The attitude of all the people I spoke with was exactly the same, they just did not care at all. I explained for the 10th time that I had a total of 6 cards with another persons picture and was going broke trying to pay my bills. Let me mention, each time I called to tell them about the mistakes they put a hold on my account without ever telling me. This time I spoke with a district manager. She told me she was very sorry, but there was nothing she could do.

Then went on to tell me she could DHL or Fedex me new cards with no picture and I would get them in 4-5 days. She also said there was no guarantee they would not have the other persons picture on them again. OMG!!!!! I felt like jumping off a bridge. I told her thanks, I will contact my attorney, and hung up. As of this time I now have over 40 hours of time invested in running around, phone calls and research on laws and regulations. I have lost lots of money in gas, late fees on bills, double ATM fees that I would not have had if I could have used my cards in the stores, missed work making long trips to get cash large phone bills calling them etc. I have found out that the bank has violated 3 or more federal laws and a few state laws also. I have no idea how many
inside regulations they have violated. My attorney tells me he only does family law, and tells me I have a open and shut civil law suite. I have not had time yet to take this any farther yet, but I plan on never giving up until this is resolved. Bank of America is the Largest bank in the US. This is how they treat their customers.

I have had to withdraw all but a few dollars from this account and put it in another bank so I can access my money.
I arranged direct deposits for this account and the had to turn around and withdraw them. This has turned into a total nightmare over someone elses picture on my cards.

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Reader Comments:

Posted by miked22 on 06/13/2007
Dear god... what a mess! Please tell us how it worked out. My guess is you received yet another shipment of bad cards... =)

Posted by mrelsimpson on 06/27/2007
This is a nightmare. I happen to know employees at large companies often laugh when a customer says they are contacting a lawyer.The reason is, it usually costs more for the Lawyer than the amount in question. I say stick to it and get all the money you have lost because of the mess they've made.Stay strong and let us know how this turns out..

Posted by stepha11293 on 07/23/2007
I know what your going through except with my account with bank of america money was taken out fraudelently of 2990.00

Posted by attnycb on 09/07/2007
Why in the world would you open an account with a bank with the closest branch being 116 miles away? Why not just close the account immediately and open an account at a local bank once you realized that BOA is inept? It sounds like you caused a lot of your own problems here!

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