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Instead of explaining my situation, I have chosen to attach a letter I have written to Bank of America:

January 16, 2008

Mr. Green:
I find it comical that an employee of Bank of America is capable of writing a letter after all of the many mistakes and fraud that I have encountered over the past few months. I am aware, however, that Bank of America must have utilized the technological advances that have provided us with the all mighty template albeit an incorrect template as it did not have the return address included (surprise, surprise). I had planned, and am requesting, to close this account due to the lack of customer service and sheer inadequacy of your company. I will not be setting up automatic payment for this account as you have proven incapable of performing even that service correctly. I have attempted to advise you all that I am having financial difficulties; however, you all insist that I keep up with payments as they were originally scheduled. I have been breaking my back to keep up with these payments as my credit score is extremely important to me (which you all should be able to see). Alas, Bank of America seems hell bent on destroying my good credit. So HAVE AT IT!!!! Perhaps you will be more efficient at this as you have failed in every other aspect of service that is not fraudulent or cruel.
I have had my credit card charged with a service I SPECIFICALLY advised that I DID NOT want so that one of your agents may get some sort of commission or credit. Then it’s my job to take time from earning money to pay you on time, so that I may make unnecessary phone calls only to be advised that the system is malfunctioning and may I call later to dispute and argue with your agents after one of your own has fraudulently charged my credit card.
After religiously using the ATM to make deposits (as I am not often available to do so during your business hours), some banking genius has turned them into a thief’s absolute dream by no longer allowing envelopes. I’m sure this saves your company oodles of money by sacrificing the safety of your customers. But what do you care that I have stand outside with my cash blazing for any thief, robber, rapist, or derelict to see. I’m sure as far as Bank of America is concerned, I already had a target on my forehead anyway, so what do you care?
Seeing as how my loving caring neighborhood bank made it impossible for me to conveniently bank (which is the only reason I opened my account with them in the first place), I resorted to taking time off of work to go inside to visit a teller. Deal with a real person? This had to be a superior alternative anyway, right? Of course not. This is Bank of America. The teller I visited shorted my deposit by $200 forcing me to have to leave work a SECOND time in ONE DAY to go have it corrected. Brilliant service!!
So in desperation, I resort to email figuring surely this must be where Bank of America’s customer service must shine! (Of course I didn’t think that, I’m no fool.) I write to 4 different departments about 6 different problems thinking that this is the perfect solution. Everything will be in writing so no one will have the change to charge my card without authorization (which is fraud and punishable by law especially if one of your employees has had part in it) and everything said will be indisputable. I write a complaint about the ATM situation knowing that it will have absolutely no outcome positive or otherwise. I write about the fraudulent charge on my credit card for a service that I did not request. I write about a dispute for a charge that I have on my credit card from July. Every email I sent was replied to with a phone number. What an awkward circle. There is absolutely no way to avoid spending countless hours on the phone with Bank of America. This company should have a 900 number. This is quite a racket.
Even more astounding are the responses that I received. When I inquired about disputing a charge on my credit card, I was advised to fill out the paperwork on the back of my statement and mail it in. The form located on the back of my ELECTRONIC statement?!?!? How clever! I was also unable to locate this form on any of my previous credit card statements. Every other response listed yet another phone number. Of course there would be no record kept of such phone calls except for training purposes. I am quite familiar with this as I have worked in a call center before. This is convenient for Bank of America, but not so much for its customers.
As for your precious and much hyped automatic payment… This account was originally set up for automatic payment (up until two month ago). Bank of America failed to deduct my payment on the 21st of October. I made a manual payment online on October 29th in fear of my payment being late. Low and behold the automatic payment kicked in after the due date and I was charged TWO PAYMENTS IN OCTOBER! After staying on the phone with representatives for over 45 minutes, it was agreed that this would be my November payment instead of going through the trouble of transferring the amount back into the loan account. Of course my December statement rolls around, and I am charged two months and charged a late fee. Why? Because Bank of America failed once again at my expense. On top of the double payment fiasco, my checking account overdrew, was covered by overdraft protection from my credit card (which I have been attempting to stop for almost a year) for which I must pay a fee for receiving a cash advance. This was not enough for Bank of America however. Since I had automatic transfer set up tot transfer money into my savings from my checking account, your beloved automatic system continued to transfer money into my savings despite the fact that my checking account was in the negative over drafting even more. What sort of moron would continue to make a transfer to the same persons account if there were no funds present? BANK OF AMERICA!!! I think you have some nerve suggesting automatic payment
After Bank of America’s debacle with my automatic payment I am completely through. It is almost as if you have an entire department committed to destroying customers’ finances after they advise Bank of America that they are in trouble. It’s quite amazing actually. If only such organization was applied to the operation of the rest of the company.
In closing, please close my Gold Option Loan account ending in ****. I have EVERY intention on paying my debt as you can plainly see from my history with Bank of America regardless of whether or not you choose to acknowledge this. I will have some late payments because you are all ruthless and driving me to my wits end. I will no longer struggle to negotiate with embezzlers, swindlers, and shysters. Once the disputes have been resolved with by credit card, I will be closing that account as well. Shortly thereafter, I will be transferring all of my remaining funds to my credit union. While I’m sure that your more important/wealthy clients find this to be some sort of exciting, and adventurous game wondering why they will have to call next, or “OOH what will my next dispute be?” I find it extremely stressful and off-putting, not to mention dishonest, cruel, and exhausting. It has become a third job for me to simply rectify every error that Bank of America has made at my expense.
What’s funny is that when my income was unwavering, I hardly paid attention to my accounts because I had little to worry about. I can only imagine… no, I don’t think that my imagination extends as far as to fathom how much money you have siphoned from me in the past. This being the case, my last request, that is if it’s convenient for you, could you stop being a drain on the American public? Thank you, we would appreciate it.

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