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Bank made mistake and put payments on principle instead on load - house loan

- Gilbert AZ

My son has his house loan with Chase bank. He was behine 2 payments. He went to a branch of Chase Bank and made 2 loan payments. The following month he tried to make the next payment and they would not accept his payment. Said his house was in foreclosure. He said why???
They said when he went to the Chase branch the new teller put his 2 payments on the principle. Chase will not do anything about it. He is about to lose his house because he now has to come up with 2 cash house payments to replace those or he will lose his house!
Please help him. He is a hard worker and has done everything he was supposed to do. They said it has been a month and the money is already applied to the principle. He did not know this had happened. His receipt says he made his payment!
Mrs Maslo

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