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Banks free to steal - debit card and checking account transactions

- Port ST Lucie and Fort Lauderdale

I am writing to get help with what I consider to be fraud. On May 23 2008 I had a balance in my checking account of $273.07. I made a deposit on the same day in the amount of $1261.94. This deposit would not have cleared funds until midnight on May 27,2008

I made six purchases with my debit card between the 23 of May and the 26 of May. All transactions totaled $174.18

On May 27 a friend deposited a check to her account from the same bank for $500.00. The bank even though all the other transactions were made prior to the check being deposited decided to take out for the check first. This caused the account to overdraft and the bank decided to apply an unavailable fund fee for each of the transactions. A total of 7 fees of $32 each the check was presented for deposit, not cashed and funds became available at midnight the same day. If my friend would have tried to cash the check they would not have cashed it for her because the funds had not cleared from the deposit made on the 23 of May. If I use my debit card and do not have funds available for a purchase, the purchase is declined. All of my purchases were made in advance of the check being posted. This is stealing and fraud on the part of the bank. Please help direct me to who I can talk to about this practice

Date Balance Withdrawal Deposit Desp
5/23/2008 $273.07 $1261.94
5/23/2008 $273.07
5/23/2008 $208.71 -$64.96 Walmart debit card
5/23/2008 $176.79 -$31.92 Pet Supermarket Debit card
5/23/2008 $135.16 -$41.63 Hess Gas Debit Card
5/23/2008 $126.80 -$8.36 Walgreen’s Debit Card
5/24/2008 $110.43 -$16.37 BayShore Dinner Debit Card
5/25/2008 $94.48 -$15.95 Loews Debit Card
5/26/2008 $34.53 -$59.95 Albertson’s Debit Card

5/27/2008 -$500.00 Check Deposited into Bank

Purchases were $174.18 returned check fees are $192.00

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