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My complaints about Direct TV are almost too numerous to mention. From the start I had monthly billing problems in which they double billed for services and overcharged. I would spend 30 minutes per month getting this straightened out, only to have the same problems reoccur with the next bill. Recently, I moved from Tennessee to Michigan for work.

Having had Direct TV in the past above the 45th parallel, I knew that this was not a viable option for several reasons. Most notably, I live surrounded on all four sides by sixty foot trees. I called to cancel my service and was told that I would have to pay a $400 cancellation fee. I was told the only way this could be waved was if I agreed to have the technician (for a $50 fee) come to my home to install Direct TV. If the technician found that I would not be able to get service, then they would allow me to cancel my service without getting charged $400. They made it clear these were my only options. Either I cancel and they charge $400 to my credit card, or I agree to keep the service and pay $50 to have it installed in my new home. There is no third choice. I have to depend on the honesty of the technician that works for them to validate what I already know, or pay the extortion fee of $400 to make them go away. Oh, and lest I forget, mail their equipment back to them or be charged hundreds of dollars for non-returned equipment. I will loose 1/2 day of work to have a technician come to my home and do an install on a system that I know will not work as promised. What was most remarkable was that "Jimmy" made it clear that he did not care if I was able to receive a signal or not. He simply kept stating that I had a contract and that it was $400 to cancel the service. Clearly Direct TV is all marketing and no customer service or satisfaction.

What is most remarkable about this is that if Direct TV had acted in a fair and honest manner they would have bought good will and a potential future customer if I were to live in a less wooded area in the future. Now, all they have accomplished is to sew the seeds of resentment and assurance that regardless of the outcome of my current contract, I will never do business with them again, or advise anyone else to invite Direct TV into their life. Bad business practices eventually lead to failure. So sad.

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