55 Linden LLC . Landlor, Casero Complaint

Back rent Notice placed on my door for the neighbours to see - BACK RENT NOTICE

- 55 Linden LLC 95-04 Delancey Street NYC NY 10002

My name is Evon Campbell I reside at 55 Linden Blvd. 1F Brooklyn NY 11226 along with my wife and other members of my family. I am 66, retire and living on a fixed income. I have live here for over 21 years. My rent is sometimes very hard to make because of the cost of food and other items. In May 2011 I fell behind with my rent. On May 3/2011 at app.3pm we came home to find a NOTICE TO TENANT showing in detail showing the amount I owe and the length of time I am justly indebted to the Landlord and to pay or surrender the Apt. in 5 Days or the Landlord will commence suuary proceedings under the statue to recove possession. THIS NOTICE COULD HAVE BEEN PLACED UNDER MY DOOR FOR MY EYES ONLY.
My wife and I was in shock to see our business displayed for all our neighbours to see. THIS IS VERY EMBARRASSING FOR ALL OF US. I took pictures to show. Evon

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