Direct TV Complaint

Auto Pay nightmare

- saint clair pa

Every month since I signed up for direct TV I have had an automatic payment taken out of my account which was unauthorized. Every month I have called in and complained about the multiple bounce fees that they have caused me and they ALWAYS insist its my fault and that someone was making these payments. I assumed my husband was and bought a safe to keep my debit cards in, changes my direct TV online password and even went as far as to put a verbal password on my account for phone access. This morning I woke up to a debit of 323$ from my bank account which was unauthorized. I promptly called direct TV and my husband and I spoke to a woman who was rude and insisted that someone must be using our card info or we are making payments and forgetting that we made them because there was no way this was their fault. We asked to speak to a supervisor who proceeded to talk over my husband and insist we were wrong. My husband said 'what the hell?" and the supervisor said he used profanity and hung up on us. We then decided to call my bank, file a claim against them and find out more information. Wachovia insisted that this was an automatic payment set up by Direct TV and that it has been used monthly for a while now. They gave us a trace number and company ID code to give to direct TV when we called back.
We then called direct TV back and got shuffled around through 3 rude agents who acted as if we were lying before finally being given over to a supervisor. This supervisor refused to take any of our information, trace # or company ID information! We asked her NUMEROUS times to just please take down the information and look into it. She insisted again and again that the payment was made by us online. Nothing has been resolved, we ended up having to hang up on the woman because after about 30 minutes it was clear she was going to be of no help. No one is looking into the auto pay issue because they ALL stated that there was no auto pay turned on for our account...which is obviously false. I have lost many hundreds of dollars in bounce fees alone and all I wanted was someone on the phone to act like they cared..or even that it could be a company error. All I got was hung up on.

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