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- Rural Watertown, WI

My wife spoke with a Dish Network representative on Tuesday, March 16, 2010, and placed an order for service in the home we are in the process of moving into. She had a lengthy conversation with the rep, regarding packages and options. The deciding factor for me, which we had discussed, was being able to get the MLB Network. She discussed this at great length with the rep, and was told that they would have to check with their supervisor if they could offer that to us. After she was placed on hold, she was told that Dish does not normally offer that channel, but would be able to include that in our service for an extra $14.99 per month, in addition to our other programming package. My wife asked the representative to call her back shortly, as she wanted to confirm the details with me. She called me while I was at work, and we discussed the options, and agreed to go ahead with the service through Dish. The Dish network representative called her back, and she again verified that it would be the MLB channel, so that both I and our youngest son could watch Major League Baseball during the off-season, as we did last year through our cable provider. The representative had told her yes, and he had confirmed it with his supervisor. My wife had verified it several times, knowing how important it would be, and also knowing we did not see the MLB channel listed on the Dish Network channel lists. She was assured it would be part of our programming, and an appointment was setup for installation on Monday, March 22, 2010, between 8am and noon. We received a confirmation email that service would be setup on that date, at that time.
The service tech arrived with an order that was completely wrong. He had an order for programming in more rooms than was discussed, he had DVR service for only 1 room, not 2, and he told us that the MLB Network would not be available once setup. I was not home at the new house, as I was at our previous residence with the movers. My wife went into the details of the call with the representative that she placed the order with, and the service tech called his office and rescheduled the install for the following day, again between 8 and noon. We received a new confirmation email from Dish Network that our service would be installed on Tuesday, March 23, 2010, between 8am and noon.
The same service tech arrived on Tuesday, however this time he arrived after 2pm. My wife contacted Dish Network at approximately 1:15 pm, and the dispatch told her that he was still coming, but may be running late. The irony is that he was already over an hour late. The service tech was nice and professional, however he was unaware of what Dish Network promised or sold us. He arrived while my wife was home, however she had to leave to pick up our children from school. I was gone at this time of the day, after waiting all morning, and was moving more things to the house. When I returned around 4pm, the tech was just finishing up his work and checking the service on the televisions. It was at this time that I was made aware that indeed the promise or offer that was agreed to at the time the order was placed to include the MLB Network channel was not being delivered by Dish Network. My wife was sold a package and service by a provider, and they are not able to deliver what they sold. As the tech called his supervisor to look into the situation, he told us that Dish Network used to carry MLB, but stopped because of the high cost. He also indicated that per his supervisor someone will have to be sent to train the people that sell the packages, since they haven't carried the MLB channel since 2006. On a side note, that is an untrue statement, as the MLB Channel just debuted at the end of 2008. We were Charter Cable customers at that time, and the network itself just celebrated it's 1 year anniversary on December 31st, 2009.
I told the service tech that I would not sign the service contract while he was here, but would acknowledge he installed the equipment and that it is on my property. I told him that someone from Dish Network needs to correct the situation, or come up with a good customer service solution that makes up for the fact that they sold my family a plan that they could not provide. I truly feel that this is a bait and switch situation. The tech told me he would have to call his supervisor to see what to do, came back in, and said he would either have to find out if we don't want service, or see if they want us to call in and have them check for a solution. He said if we don't want service, he would have to remove the equipment he just installed, charge us for activation and a disconnection fee! Being held hostage by the work that was just done, I told him, after discussing our options with my wife, that it would be in the best interest of good customer service that they call Dish Network and see what kind of customer service solution they could offer. During this time, I was still in the process of moving things in and around the house, and setting things up. I told the tech at this point I was very angry, and that I am quite willing to go as high up as necessary both at Dish Network and with the Wisconsin Dept. of Ag, Trade, & Consumer Protection with my complaint, as I feel they have intentionally created this situation. As an insurance adjuster and professional, my career is based on providing exceptional customer service, and the standard that I am held to daily is something that I expect from those I do business with. It is unbelievable to me how poor the customer service has been through this experience. My wife ended up speaking with the Dish Network reps, and was eventually offered a discount of $10 off per month from our programming. She was told this would have brought our monthly bill down to exactly what we were told we were going to be paying during the initial phone call when she setup the service back on March 16th. She asked about the fact that by no longer being able to deliver on the promised MLB channel, we would not be paying the $14.99 per month, therefore reducing our monthly cost by at least that amount. In the end, they made those adjustments, and came to an amount that has reduced our bill temporarily, by $16 per month for the next twelve months. I do not feel that this is in any way a comparable solution to what was sold or promised, and fully believe that the sales representative was instructed to sell whatever the customer required in order to get the service at the address. We have five children, and in this day and age, enjoy our time together watching family programming, and educational programming with our two year old. Moving an entire family from the city to the country, we didn't feel it would be best to have the technician remove all of the equipment and delay some sense of normal activity in our kids' lives through this big change.
We would really appreciate someone looking into this unbelievable and unjust situation. They promised a package, tried to install hardware for more than we ordered, had to re-schedule, cannot deliver programming as promised, and would have charged us to refuse service after installing everything and then telling us we weren't going to get what we were sold. If I were to provide even one of those situations to any one of my customers, I don't believe I would be maintaining my employment. People in the service industry need to be held accountable for what they promise to deliver.

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