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Apt unit worse than big city SLUMS - one room apt.

- 108 Bristol College Drive

Last Sept., I was in the hospital being checked for cancer. During my hours there, someone broke into MY MOBILE HOME, TORE IT ALL to PIECES, STOLE MEDICINES of mine, and made it in such a shape that AFTER THE GUY who was RESPONSIBLE FOR IT( HIS NAME AND STORY was in the NEWSPAPER AND ON TV) CALLED THE CITY, the city condemned it.(this same man who was "SUPPOSED" to be the park manager for the last 2 or 3 years, took the money for lot rent and stole it. He put in some OLD, Mobiles which EVEYONE of them were condemned. He SOLD some, even ONE TO A RELATIVE, KNOWING it AND THE OTHERS were about to be condemned the next month! It wasn't really the LANDOWNER'S FAULT, except in their poor choice of selectng a park manager who had NOT LIVED there to start with! I made him mad because I MAILED MY RENT DIRECTLY TO the mobile home park owner rather than pay him,(who I DID NOT TRUST!) which was GOOD FOR THE PARK OWNERS! So MY payment got there! OTHER people who paid their rent to this guy had THEIR rent money STOLEN, thereby making the park owners think the other tenants hadn't paid rent WHEN THEY HAD PAID to the "manager" who IS A THIEF and is in JAIL for burglary, NOW! I owned MY HOME, straight out with no mortgage payments. I lived there 12 years, made every monthly lot rent on time. When I got out of the hospital the next morning, the police served me with a condemnation notice of my mobile home. LOOKING AT WHAT HIS THUGS DID, I DON'T BLAME the CITY OR POLICE! I had ALREADY PAID my rent for the month of Sept., 2009, and moved on Sept. 9, 2009. I had to quickly find a place. The first place I came to was BUDGET RENTALS, on 108 Bristol College Drive. As soon as I moved in, I found the apartment OVERRUN WITH ROACHES, STRAY CATS KEEPING ON HAVING LITTERS, I had only ONE SMALL ROOM for $360 per month, high for this area, and found out the REFRIGERATOR DID NOT WORK, NOR did the HEAT AND AIR CONDITIONING UNIT! The place was a MESS to start with, but I had Steam carpet cleaners and other machinery to finally get the stains and dirt out. I later found out he rented to ANYONE who had money to pay. There was no lease. He, the owner ALSO of SLEEP CHEAP, ,OWNED and rented those apts. to DRUG DEALERS INCLUDING some who COOKED CRACK, plus THIEVES AND BURGLARS! HE REFUSED to put a DEADBOLT LOCK on my door unless I BOUGHT IT, gave HIM A KEY AND LEFT THE DEADBOLT IF AND WHEN I MOVED!This man CLAIMS to be a "Christian" but I go to church when physically able (I'M SEVERELY DISABLED)but I've NEVER MET ANYONE LIKE HIM who called themselves a "CHRISTIAN"! When I found a MUCH NICER, LARGER apt. to move to, he was MAD! It would cost him a tenant who paid EVERY TIME THE RENT WAS DUE, except I WAS LATE ONCE. My Social Security check was accidently SENT BACK to the SSA. Now, UNLESS EVERYONE AGREES IT'S OK TO make someone FORFIET MONEY, then even at THAT date, my check came in on the 16th, I OFFERED to pay him and he FLAT REFUSED IT! He said he didn't care about my social security check being late, to quote" ALL I WANT IS MY MONEY ON TIME! (DIDN'T JESUS HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT THOSE "CHRISTIANS" AND OTHERS LIKE YOU WHO LOVE MONEY?) The 9th was MY due date as that was the day I moved in, on the 9th of Sept. 2009.As I had said, there was NO LEASE OR EVEN RULES WRITTEN OR PRINTED to rent an apt. I had a small, 20 lb. dog who was 16 YEARS OLD, and when I RENTED THE APT., I TOLD HIM the dog STAYS WITH me or I GO ELSEWHERE!(YOU READ IT CORRECTLY!The dog was 16 YEARS OLD!) and got to where he COULDN'T WALK, so I DID TAKE HIM DOWN to put him to sleep to get him out of the pain and misery he was suffering. He OFFERED to ACCEPT MY BACK MONTH'S RENT IF I WOULD TAKE AND "GET RID OF THE DOG". His (ONLY) two FRIENDS, 1 has two cats, the other an apt. FULL OF BIRDS!
(PEOPLE DID complain, ESPECIALLY ABOUT THE BIRDS MAKING NOISE ALL DAY AND NIGHT!) The 2 cat owner said if anyone came questioning him about HIS cats(MEANING THE POLICE or the FAIR HOUSING AUTHORITY!) HE would DENY OWNING A CAT and let them OUTSIDE TO RUN so not to be caught in his apt.! This "MAN" KNEW WELL HE HAD THOSE CATS, and he knows his other buddy has an apt. FULL OF BIRDS! NO ONE COMPLAINED about my dog. He didn't make a SOUND. People told ME they didn't even KNOW I HAD a dog! He was trained to ONLY BARK IF I FELL and needed help to get up. The DOCTOR WANTS me to have a dog just for that purpose. His EXCUSE was the dog! (AFTER HE KNEW IT'D BEEN THERE 11 MONTHS!) I told him my DOCTOR TOLD ME YEARS AGO to have a dog for such an emergency!(I'VE also suffered from a stroke) Yet his EXCUSE WAS the dog. HOWEVER, he said he would (EVER SO GRACIOUSLY!) let me continue to STAY IF I GOT RID of the dog!(ME get rid of a dog I had for 16 YEARS, yet HE WOULDN'T GET RID OF THE CATS, BIRDS, or ESPECIALLY THE COCKROCHES!) A 16 YEAR OLD SMALL DOG, which MY DOCTOR HAD ADVISED ME TO GET YEARS BEFORE! But I REFUSED TO TELL him that I had already HAD put the dog to sleep. HE STILL REFUSED MY OFFER OF THE BACK RENT,(INSISTING ON GETTING A PRE-DATED EVICTION NOTICE which he wouldn't have served if I HAD told him I'd had to put the dog to sleep)HELL would have FROZEN OVER BEFORE I TOLD HIM ABOUT THE DOG!! He was ALREADY MAD BECAUSE I WAS ALREADY IN THE PROCESS OF MOVING OUT of his SLUMS!! I LEFT IT IN THE SAME SHAPE I FOUND IT! BETTER SHAPE, ACTUALLY! I GOT a 1 BR, FULL KITCHEN, LAUNDRY ROOM, LIVING ROOM, DINING AREA Apt. for $35 LESS PER MONTH, and the place is BEAUTIFUL! MY WARNING is this: DO NOT RENT ONE OF THOSE HOVELS OF AN APT. FROM the owner of SLEEP CHEAP, not EVEN FOR 1 MONTH! YOU'LL HAVE ROACHES to get rid of from EVERYYTHING YOU OWN!! THE APTS. WILL be CONDEMNED THEMSELVES VERY SOON. As for his cheap sleep, BACKACHE AND NECKACHE business, the BEDS THERE ARE EXPENSIVE AND INFERIOR!
My Apt. was BROKEN INTO EVERYTIME I LEFT IT to go to the doctor or grocery store! The NEIGHBORS LIVING THERE, with HIS FULL KNOWLEGE, are DRUG DEALERS AS WELL AS BURGLARS! He will THREATEN TO EVICT YOU IF YOU CALL THE POLICE ON THEM! I CALLED ONCE,( one apt. had their door wide open, and you could see and smell crack cooking!)THAT WAS RIGHT BEFORE HE said to get rid of my dog and refused to accept my rent money! He is the ONLY person I've EVER HAD TROUBLE OUT OF. The others I rented from years ago, may or may NOT have been "Christians", but if they WEREN'T, THEY'LL have a MUCH BETTER CHANCE TO GO TO HEAVEN than this GUY, who goes to church once a week whether he feels like he needs to or not! He's ROTTEN, RUDE, LIES, AND IS A HIPPOCRIT! I'm GREATFUL, THOUGH because of the NICE APT. I AM NOW LIVING IN, allowed to have a new dog with me, and it's MUCH BIGGER, NEWER, BETTER ALL AROUND than BUDGET RENTALS, which even a HOMELESS person should be ashamed to stay there!I know I WAS TOO ASHAMED of the place to tell MY RELATIVES OR FRIENDS WHERE I WAS STAYING! AND as for him SAYING I was late on my rent, I HAVE EVERY RECEIPT that PROVES that ALL BUT THE MONTH MY SS CHECK was late, I was ALWAYS PAID UP BEFORE THE 9th of the month,.(Assuming he is christian enough NOT to try for "FOREITURE" forfeiting rent on 6 days I had to pay for anyway (a FULL MONTH RATHER THAN 3 WEEKS!)before I even DISCUSSED WITH HIM about renting and moving in! IF he wanted his rent on the 3rd! That made my RENT DUE date he 9th of each month, but I was paid up BEFORE THEN EVERY MONTH BUT THE ONE! HE LIED to a prospective renter, but lucky for ME, it didn't matter!PEOPLE TOLD ME THEY HAVE ALREADY HEARD ABOUT HIM, HIS BAD NAME, and how HE IS! BUDGET RENTALS is a SLUM, and HE IS A SLUMLORD! BEWARE!!!

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