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3 months to replace a watch strap and still waiting ....... - Rado Watch

- Natick Mall

Several years ago, my wife bought me an expensive Rado watch from Hanoush Jewelers at the Natick Mall as an anniversary present. I love the watch and wear it all the time. At the beginning of February I went in to the store to order a replace leather watchstrap. This took three weeks to come in.

When I went to pick it up, the store manager tried to replace the strap, but was unable to and said that he would have to send it to the watch repair company to have the strap changed. He said that this would take 1-2 weeks.

Two weeks later, when I called to find out where my watch was, I was told that a part was needed and this part had been ordered from Rado and that they would notify me when the part came in.

After repeated complaints to find out where my watch was, I was promised that the part had been shipped to the repair center, and that I could pick up my watch yesterday.
When I went to pick up my watch, the store manager apologetically told me that the part had not been shipped to the repair center, and that Rado was now showing the part on backorder with no expected ship date, and that they had no idea when the watch would be repaired.

At this stage, I know I am being given the runaround, but and not sure if I am being given the runaround by the jeweler or by Rado. The only thing that I know is that it should not take over three months and counting with no end date in sight to have a watch strap replaced.

I fully realize that this issue is not of “major importance”, but the watch has a lot of sentimental value to me and I would like to be able to wear it again. Any assistance that you can provide will be much appreciated.

This watch has a lot
I am amazed that in this day and timewhen business is scarce,

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Reader Comments:

Posted by scott_w_landry on 07/04/2009
I have a similar story however after two months of waiting for my strap, they did not replace it and returned to me a non-working watch. I sent it to the manufacturer and now have $1590 of repairs to make on it.

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