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An open letter concerning iPhone and AT&T - Data Services

- Dallas

My iPhone is a wonderful device – offering continued access to educational content, entertainment, latest news and more.

Too bad I can’t use it. “Thank” you, AT&T…

AT&T considers 2193.55 MB of data usage is to be “extraordinary”. Result – my access to online content is crippled, as AT&T reduced data speed. Strangely, I’m under contract for UNLIMITED bandwidth. Doesn’t matter – per AT&T. OK, I’ll change carriers – not so quick says AT&T. Seems if I vary from the terms of OUR contract – I gotta pay a penalty, currently $350. Do I use WiFi? Yes, whenever possible.

Again, “Thank” you AT&T.

So to all online content providers – I will be unable to use your services, or those of your advertisers.

iCloud … why bother if I’m unable to access my data on your systems?

No more Stitcher or Mediafly to catch up on the latest during may daily 3 hour commutes.

So long Pandora, Slacker, 8tracks, AUPEO!, Songza, NPR, and TuneIn Radio – I won’t be joining you any longer to listen to the wealth of entertainment you offer.

Dropbox – Skydrive – Guess I won’t be visiting my family vacation photos that I have so enjoyed.

To all online content providers - I do hope to be able to utilize your services in the future. I'll be evaluating alternative carriers and providers.

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