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Altell switch over from Cellular One - not what I expected!

Altell switch over from Cellular One - not a happy camper!

I am very dissatisfied with how long it takes now to retrieve my minutes used with the switch over from Altell from Cellular One.

First of all, it takes 3 to 4 times as long just to get into the system with all the numbers you have to enter or say, and then when you finally do get to your minutes used; it's not even updated like it was with Cell One. You sometimes have to wait up to 48 hours for your account on 'minutes used' to be updated. This is too time consuming and frustrating.

And when you do want to speak to a live person, the message says it may be up to 10 minutes to have a service/tech rep. come on the line.


If this new 611 way of doing things to just get your minutes used doesn't improve, I can always change cell phone companies this fall when my 2 year contract is up.

Thanks for listening.

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