Alliance Trust Inc Complaint

Free Home Improvement Money Grant

- Chicago, Ill

I received a letter dated 08-24-07 which stated that I had won a grant for home improvement purposes. Also in the letter was a check for $4,340.00 To be used to pay the fees for a large cash award of $38,000.00 Minus the $4,340.00. About a year ago I fell for a similar scam and resulted in getting my bank account close by the bank I was with .So this time I called a friend who lives in Chicago and read him the letter . What he pointed out was that businesses in Chicago can't use a P.O. Box as a legal address. He also pointed out that why would I have to go thru some agency if I won all they have to do is send me the check( $38,000.00) From the grant there's no fee for a grant. But to my surprise while doing a search on the internet I find an article at Complaint.TV news on the same alliance trust inc.

So why does the FTC lets this kind of scam go on. Beware of any letters in the mail that says you won something and wants you to pay the fees up front. It's better to do a search and see if the company is legitimate. Be cautious at all times there are people out there just waiting for a sucker to fall for their scams.

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Reader Comments:

Posted by seannelson7 on 09/10/2007
I also recieved a check for the same amount, but it was made payable to my 9 year old son. So I called the number and a man named Eric answered and I asked him how in the hell did they get my son's name on a check for over four thousand dollars and he is a minor, he did not not say anything he hung up. So I know this check is a scam.

Posted by shouston15 on 09/12/2007
I also recieved the same letter. I called and spoke with a Tony Gilbert in which he activated the first check and I was actually able to cash the check. I did sent the money via western union to Nora Gilles, of Brooklyn NY who was suppose to be my claims agent. I had no idea this was a scam being that I was able to cash the first check that was sent to me. Now I am trying to make sure I will not get into any trouble for cashing this check. Please contact me with any further information you may have..

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