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Greetings, I am a single mother who has been caring for my own mother who is disabled with Parkinson's Disease. My only form of transportation is my black 2004 toyota corolla. I began experiences problems with it during the summer of 2011. My check engine light came on and I was unable to pass smog and get my registration tags due to the torque converter clutch code that kept appearing. I took my vehicle to Aamco location on Franlkin blvd. here in Sacramento making sure to specify that not only did I need to repair my car, but I also had to ensure that it would pass smog. They accepted my services illegally. At the time, I was not aware that there are only certain shops that can make smog related repairs, Aamco is not one of them. They knew this, and still accepted my services. In September of 2011 I paid almost 6,000 dollars for them to make the repairs. I've taken it back 6 times, over these past couple months and it is still not repaired. Each time I take it in, I'm always given the runaround about it being this this time, or something else another time. On Saturday, I was driving over the summit to visit with my fiance in Nevada, and it broke down in the snow. I was stuck in Soda Springs, Ca and then had to pay $140 dollars out of my single salary to tow it back to Sacramento. I'm left feeling desperate and hopeless. How am I suppose to take my child to school? How am I suppose to take my mother to all her appointments (neurology, endocronology, etc)? And all they tell me is to take it back to them again. All I would like is a refund so that I can take it to a shop that is legally certified to make the correct repairs. My family and I have a lot to deal with regarding my mothers degenerative disease already, and the added stress of not having a functioning vehicle has been very heavy on my heart. Please, help me and my family, I don't know who else to turn to.


Marcela Simental

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