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I called this company to see if they could repair my car telling them the problem; the car won't crank when hot but starts when cool so they said yes and came picked up my car. They called me later saying that the problem was the crank sensor and for me to come down and sign the invoice giving permission to get the part and put it on and it was going to run around $400-450 that when I first noticed they were crooks I was told so I did and come to find out that wasn't the problem. From the start I told them possible the problem was the starter from the symptoms and other people opinions. the next day I get another call saying it was the fuel pressure regulator, so I asked the cost of that and was told "don't worry it will be about the same or maybe a little less" They never had me come sign an invoice to give permission to get the fuel regulator and to install it they just did it on there own.

That wasn't the problem either so they said they were going to keep diagnosing it so a couple of days later they called saying they found the problem it was the starter pushing out 470 amps when it suppose to push out like 70 amps. That was the true diagnosis, the only problem. I was told to come down and sign a invoice to authorize the labor because I supplied my own new Starter, they told me with my 25% discount and 5-6 hours charge of Labor to put the starter on it was going to cost $389.00. I dropped the starter off 8:15am so based on what they was charging me my car should of been ready around 2:00pm-2:30pm that same day I ended up getting my car around 3:30pm the next day, I brought like $400 based on what I was told and the owner took over with the final billing and presented me a bill over $1700. he said he changed some wires under the car,they charged me for their false diagnosis and parts/labor for a knock sensor,fuel regulator and exhaust manifold gasket kit I didn't even authorize. He then said either you going to pay or we'll keep the car and let storage add up so I paid just to get my car away from those crook's.

I have a nice car Lexus ls400 clean, smooth ride 20in chrome rims. I was given no warranty whatsoever. Driving away I notice immediately my car was very running rough, shaking and I noticed my gas gauge, Rpm gauge,wasn't working, when I came to a stop it stalled regularly, and loss of power skipping. I took it to Midas to have them look over my car they noted all that stuff above also said a wire harness under the car was hanging didn't know where it went they said my car was running so bad they didn't know where to begin and they said they couldn't help me while waiting it was a woman customer and she heard me mention A-1 and said she just sued them for doing the same thing put a radiator on without her permission she said they settled out of court, I took it to car doctors they said the same thing unless I put $1500 from the start.

I went and got a repair manual and is inclined with auto repair so I looked throughly under the hood noticed vacuum hoses off,bolts wasn't tight I check the sparkplug wires/plugs which were not tightened in the block and the wires wasn't even pushed all the way down a couple damaged the boot broken off stuck in the chamber, I took pictures of everything they messed up. I learned that the fuel regulator they charged me for was not on my car but the old one and the stem was broken and the vacuum hose laying next to it. I had it temp fix with a valve stem pushed in the regulator until I can get a new fuel regulator and the rpm gauge is working properly, I found the location of the gas gauge harness which was not connected in the trunk area. I had the ignition wires changed and hoses put back on and wire harness reconnected at the top of the engine. my car still was running rough, shaking so I took it to another shop and he said the donut gasket is leaking so I had him replace the gasket and he noticed that the stud was broken off on the exhaust manifold and said that is why its leaking and it needs to be replaced. A-1 had to take the exhaust manifold off to get to the starter and ended up breaking the stud and didn't replace it tightening only 2 studs with bolts when it suppose to be 3 to seal from leaking. that is going to be costly and they are going to pay for it.

I came across 2 more victims one who work as a delivery driver at a local Chinese restaurant they robbed him he had gotten so sensitive about it he almost dropped a tear he was so upset on how they overcharged him and messed up his car having to spend over $1000 to get it fix.Another victim work in the magistrate office had did him the same way. I filed a suit against them, they replied saying they wanted proof, and denying all the complaints I made saying they want a jury trial. I complained at consumer affairs and brought my proof of pictures and documents. I'm trying now to get a attorney threw the pro bono program so we came "Rock" those crooks in court.

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