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Since October 2009, I contact Verizon wireless regarding suspending the phone service on the cell phone. As per policy I called every 90 days to have the service suspended as per Verizon. (At this time the telephone is in pieces and is not functioning) On April 2011, I called Verizon and I spoke to a customer representative by the name of Michael and he confirmed that the service was suspended without billing and that should call in June 2011, to suspend the service. I didn’t pay the disconnection fee originally as It would cost more than the worth of the phone. In May 2011 I received a bill In the amount of 1330.00 for "roaming" charges in another country. The phone is no longer in my possession as it has been discarded due to it not functioning. Verizon states that the service was activated for May 4 and deactivated May 5th. I explained to them that this was done without my consent and that I should not have to pay the amount they are asking for as it was a mistake on their part. I feel that Verizon is responsible for this error and I should not have to pay the fee for a service I did not request; Verizon connected the phone without my consent. They insist that I went online to activate the service when I know for a fact that I did not as the phone did not work and it was thrown out. I have been a customer for Verizon for many years and I feel this is not fairs. They had me transferred from agent to agent and each time I was told a different reason for the activation. Furthermore one representative insinuated that because I had Spanish last name that I was from the Dominican Republic, therefore making the "roaming" charges true. I explained to the representative that I was born and raised In the United states and that my passport has expired since 2009, therefore I have not traveled and her assumption is incorrect. Please help me with this.

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