Peoples Independit Bank Complaint

Bank Stealing My Ssi. Disability Social Security Check.

- scottsboro,al 35768

In 2003 I had closed a account at this bank because I had stolen checks that they was letting go threw in February 03.After closing my account, my ssi. Disability social security check got sent to the bank by mistake in March, April, and may. This bank instead of forwarding my check back to social security, they was opening a account I signed to terminate, and put the ssi check in it debited it out, and kept all the money. I sued them, and the judge ruled in my favor, and found the bank guilty of conversion. They stole 102 dollars out of another account before I closed them all. And it caused a check to bounce, and I was arrested, and had to do 180 days in jail, and 2 years probation, and restitution for it. That check is the only check I have ever had in my life, and I done 180 days in jail for it, and had money in the bank to cover it before they stole it. They pled guilty to doing all of this in court in 2006.But I am still waiting for a jury trial on this case, and I need help letting the publc know what this bank was doing, and would like somebody to cover this story. This case is the first case of its nature in the usa. And everything about this case becomes a new law. I do beleave they was stealing other peoples check like they was mine. My case is set for the next open trial dockit in jackson county al. Please help me, and cover this story. I think the public needs to know what they was doing. Case number cv-05-125.Thank you, and god bless you. Danny morris.

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