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$94 to $500.00 Never watch pay per view or ordered it

I contacted Direct in February to imform them that my receiver wasn't showing incoming calls on my TV screen. They couldn't find any problems and told me to call my phone service provider about my caller ID(AT&T}.I have had caller ID over 2 years and it has always worked. AT&T would send me back to Direct. I called them three or four times over a 1 month time span, in the Middle of March I called and ask them to replace my HD box because my caller ID works. I started my service in Dec.2008.They sent me a new one after debating with her that I shouldn't be charge for a new box because the old one never worked properly. When I received the new box, Mar.23rd I connected it and called for it to be activated. WHAT A SHOCKER, I was informed that I had over a $500.00 cable bill and would have to pay $72 right then in order for them to activate my new box, and it had to be paid by Apr.12 to keep my service from being interrupted. They cut it off on Apr.3rd and told me I had to pay the full amount. I never watched one pay per view and they was all Xrated, Idon't even watch that stuff. I ask why haven't any showed up on my Feb. or Mar. bills. Received a statement for2/21-3/20 in Feb.$94.59[due date 3/13]in Mar.$535.35 due date immediately, service interruption date 04/13/09 statementdated 3/22/09,as I said earlier they cut it off on Apr.3.The lady said that they had all just showed up. So where was Jan29 thru Feb.28 hid. I told them either my equipment is faulty or theres fraud, because I haven, t ordered not one movie of any kind Xrated or PG. I'm on a fix income I can't even dream about throwing that kind of money away. I wrote the dispute department they was no help, and Dish is doing the same thing. Thank you for listening, If you pay attention to the times, you'll know no one watches TV like that[9am,9am,10:30am,10:30am, all on the same date 01/31/09 this is just an example of what my bill looks like. The prices is $10.99&$14.99

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Reader Comments:

Posted by AleshiaB301 on 05/18/2009
I had the same problem with DirecTv. I ended my service 3/09 and got a bill 5/09 with $490.00 of pay-per view charges. I immediately called and complained about the bill but like you said they were no help. I didn't even have a phone line connected. I asked where the charges came from and they said they scan my access card and these charges appeared. I told them I had no phone line connected so how in the world did I get all those charges. They told me to contact the billing department which I did. I also am possibly going to take legal action because to me this fradulant and suspicious activity. So they seem to do this frequently. maybe there needs to be a class action lawsuit. If anyone has had the same complaints, let's see if we can file a suit against Direct TV for fradulent and suspicious charges.

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