Verizon Wireless Complaint

$3,000.00 Worth of Erroneous Roam Charges in Two Days - Cell Phone Service

- California

Verizon Wireless sent me a bill for $3,000.00 worth of roaming charges in a country I have never been in. I sent them a letter and copies of my airline tickets showing that I was in Texas on the two (2) days that I was supposed to have been in Mexico. The tickets have the pen marks made by TSA as I went through Security. I have had a number of conversations with them and at one point the representative on the line stated my cell was cloned. They are sending the bill to collections. What can I do to get them to understand it is their problem and not mine. I purchased the “Droid” phone form them so if it can be cloned, why didn’t they state that at time of purchase?

Richard Lyon

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